Viñales is located in the Sierra de Los Organos in the Pinar del Rio province in western Cuba and is one of Cuba’s Unesco World Heritage sites. Home to the world famous Habano Festival, some of the best all-natural tobacco in the world is grown here, creating the finest cigar brands known. Viñales is your chance to explore the incredible rural, countryside that Cuba has to offer. It is like walking onto the set of Jurassic Park. From visiting Tobacco and coffee plantations to horseback treks and cycling. See the incredible sights of the Magotes that stand as high as 300m. Visit the Aquaticos and experience the magic of the healing water. Become a cigar connoisseur and learn to roll the finest Cuban cigars in a local drying barn. Dance the night away in a local music house and learn to salsa. Travel down rivers by boat exploring caves and take a dip in an ice cold hidden natural pool. Watch an incredible sunset sipping on mojitos or eat farm to table with a view a panoramic, breathtaking view of the Valley.

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