Located on Bahía de Cienfuegos. A beautiful bay located on the south coast of Cuba. Aptly known as the pearl of the south or the Paris of Cuba, Cienfuegos stands out for its unique French architecture showcasing gothic, neoclassical, art deco and colonial styles. Cienfuegos is also one of Cuba's Unesco World Heritage sites and the birthplace of the famous Cuban musician Benny Moore. Some say Cienfuegos has the best food in Cuba but we will leave you to decide on that one. If you are after ocean adventures visit Cienfuegos to charter a sailboat, book a cruise, go on a sport fishing trip, take a windsurfing class or try one of its dive centres to see what lies beneath the water's edge. Cienfuegos is host to several international regattas every year and in addition speed boat races and competitive fishing.

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