Best Transport in Havana, Cuba 2019


So, you have booked a trip to the magical island of Cuba!

…and thinking of spending a little time in Havana. Maybe you are wondering how to get around. This guide to transport in Havana will show you the different modes of transport and how much they cost on average.

Classic Car Havana

The ultimate must do for anyone visiting Cuba and a great mode of transport in Havana.

Cuba is a time warp for 1950’s American Vintage cars and they are some of the most beautiful collections you will see anywhere in the world. This is your chance to see Havana in style, lounging in the back seat, wind in your hair and taking in everything Havana has to offer.


Classic Car Hire Havana

Prices really vary from car to car but expect to pay 30-35 CUC per hour for a tour. We have seen prices for 70 CUC and we have negotiated prices for 20 CUC so it’s up to you when it comes to prices.

It’s really nice to hire a driver for 3-4 hours or longer to get a full tour of Havana, stop at the sites, make a pit stop at one the famous bars for a Mojito or Daiquiri or be recommended a quaint little hidden gem lunch spot on the outskirts of Havana.

You will find these taxis parked outside most major hotels or can be provided by various tour operators.

Coco taxis

Cocos taxis are a lot of fun and a great way to see Havana. Yes, they are very touristy but who cares you are on holiday. Coco taxis are basically a scooter with 3 wheels and a fibreglass shell that resemble a coconut. They seat 2 comfortably or 3 squeezed in.


Coco Taxis Havana

Prices range from 1 CUC for a very quick journey to 20 CUC per hour for a city tour. The prices are negotiable and make sure you do negotiate as often they quote a very high price. We have used Coco taxis from 10 CUC per hour when negotiated.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Using a horse-drawn carriage is quite a romantic way to see Havana. If you can catch a ride at night, it is even more beautiful.


Horse Drawn Carriage Havana

Horses are one of the most popular forms of transport in Havana, in fact, all over Cuba and you will see them everywhere. This picture is a tourist horse and carriage ride and you will see lots of older trailer style bench seating carriages throughout Cuba which is predominantly used for locals and is a lot cheaper.

Prices are around 30 CUC per hour and please please please take the horse a treat if you are going on this journey (apples & carrots will suffice).

Bicitaxi Havana

Feeling eco-friendly?

Then a bicitaxi is for you. You will see bicitaxis everywhere all over the world and Cuba is no exception.


Bicitaxi Havana

They are a great way to see the city although be it very slowly. They are super cheap from 50 cents for a short journey to 10 CUC per hour.

Always negotiate as the prices can start high if the drivers feel you look like you can afford more.

Havana Tour Bus (Hop on Hop off)


Transport in Havana Bus Tours

The Havana tour bus is really affordable at 5 or 10 CUC for a whole day. It is literally hop on and hop off at any of the designated stops.

The hours normally run from 9.00am -6.00pm. There are two routes T1 & T3. T1 runs from Habana Vieja through quite a few of the top sights to see in Havana and T3 runs from Centro Habana to Playa del Este if you fancy some beach R&R.

Tourist Taxi (Turis Taxi)

These are government run taxis and they will be readily available in Havana. They are normally a mix of modern brands like Kia or Hyundai or older cars like Lada’s.


Havana Tourist Taxi

They are like taxis anywhere else in the world they get you from A-B and while we do recommend using them I think with all Havana has to offer in transport they are our least favourite and better saved for longer journeys in Cuba.

The taxis are fitted with a meter and quite often the meter is turned off so either negotiate your fare in advance or ask for the meter to be turned on. If the meter is turned on make sure its Code 1 for day time travelling and code 4 for nighttime travelling as they have different rates per KM of travel. Prices will start at 1 CUC for the first km and then ranges from 0.50 CUC – 0.85 CUC per km.

Taxi Collectivo (Alemendrones)

They are like a bus with set pick-ups and drop off and run a set route in Havana. They are super cheap and often most used by locals but are becoming more and more popular with tourists.

The Alemendrones will normally be much older vintage cars that are not particularly well kept or in good condition but is a cool way to experience a more authentic way of travelling like a local Cuban. Most cars don’t have seat belts so not a plus on the safety aspect.

Taking an Alemendrones in Havana 

Private Taxi

These are privately owned cars by an individual or company.


Private Taxi Havana 

They are similar in price to a tourist taxi, but you can negotiate. They are licensed and normally have a sign in the window to say so. The cars are a mix of old classics to modern vehicles.

TOP TIP – be aware of unlicensed taxi drivers everywhere offering you a cheap lift. They are not licensed and although we have used them we don’t recommend this for tourists.

Scooter Hire

Hiring a scooter is a great way to go off the beaten path and explore parts of the city most don’t get to see.

While this is a cool mode of transport in Havana we would advise, however, that you have had experience riding a scooter before and are comfortable with driving in Cuba. There are also 3 wheeler scooters available that sit two really comfortably, they are hard to find and normally rented through organized tours and are your best bet for the less experienced amongst us.


Hiring a Scooter in Havana 

TOP TIP – be careful on your scooter. Most companies have a ‘you break it you pay for it’ policy with no add on insurance to cover you for accidents.

Be careful of where you leave the scooter as it is not unheard of for parts to go missing when it’s not in sight.

Hiring a scooter will set you back on average 25 CUC per day or less for longer periods of a week’s hire.

Guided tours are available from select companies which is always nice to have an expert show you the ropes of driving on the city roads.

Bicycle Hire

Another eco-friendly line of transport in Havana is to hire a bicycle. While you won’t get as far as you would on a scooter it does feel somehow safer as most of us have been riding bikes since we were kids.

E-bikes are also available for when you need that little bit of help on hills. Bicycle tours are available if you fancy a guided version.

Around 12 CUCs per day to hire.


Hiring a Bicycle in Havana 

Motorbike Taxi Hop On

You will see a lot of motorbikes in Cuba, they are everywhere. They fall into the category of vintage for most parts although you will see modern motorbikes zipping around Havana.


Motorbike Taxi – hop on hop off 

Most are from the Soviet era or classic American. For Cubans, they are a vital mode of transport. You will see a lot of motorbikes carrying two passengers and although it looks like a friend or partner travelling on the back it is quite often a passenger they don’t know that has hailed them down.

Ok so are they the safest mode of transport? NO, but it is fun and incredibly cheap. We pay 0.50 CUC for a trip within Havana or other towns and cities in Cuba. 

If you see a motorbike with 2 helmets and only one-person on-board hail them down. They may not speak English but if you are going to a popular destination or have it written down they will find it. Failing that use ITranslate offline.  google-play-travel-appsapp-store-travel-apps

Check this post for our best mobile travel apps for Cuba.

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