Best Mobile Travel Apps For Cuba


Our Top Five Travel Apps

We’ve tried and tested more than a dozen mobile travel apps to use while spending time in Cuba and out of those, these are our top five.

1. IMO – online only – free to download

Most Cubans have IMO installed on their phones and it’s the equivalent to Whatsapp including sending texts, images, video, and video calling.


While Whatsapp is becoming increasingly more popular, IMO is still a great way to connect with local people in Cuba while travelling or even once you’ve returned home and looking to keep in touch.



2. Airbnb – online only – free to download

Airbnb is by far the most widely used app for booking accommodation throughout the world and since its launch in Cuba in April 2015, is becoming the go-to app for finding somewhere to stay.


Often visitors to Cuba are looking for the real Cuba and Airbnb offers an easy to use platform for booking accommodation in Casas Particulares. The great thing about this app is that they offer extensive reviews, up to date images and good directions for all their accommodation.

In Cuba ‘cash is king’ so it’s great that Airbnb allows to pre-book and pre-pay for your accommodation before you set out, which of course means carrying less cash around with you.



3. Google translate – offline – free to download

Google Translate is the ultimate and one of the must-have travel apps for anyone travelling to Cuba who’s Spanish is limited or even non-existent.

With Spanish being the native language in Cuba and English not being widely spoken in most areas, this app will be a godsend.


What can it do?

  • download the language pack to use offline
  • you can take pictures of objects and words that the app will translate in real time.
    • really useful when looking at restaurant menus and road signs etc
  • ad-free
  • voice conversations mode

If you’ve ever used Google translate before you will know it’s not perfect but it’s the best out there at the moment and really helps you connect with people.




Quite often while travelling around Cuba you won’t be connected and is an excellent offline version of Google maps.

We’ve used this app while travelling by car from Havana to Santiago which is well over 100 kilometres and I can tell you it without it we would have been in all sorts of trouble.

maps-me-travel-apps has been downloaded more than 50 million times and with over 1 million reviews, which tells a story in itself.

Its online functionality is great but in Cuba, while offline its main use is getting from a to b which at the end of the day if that all it does then that’s enough.



5. Tripit

A handy little travel app that allows you to store and even share your travel plans including flight or holiday bookings, travel, and insurance documents. For the average traveller the free version is more than adequate which is available for offline use but extra functionality you get all this…


  • Help you find a better seat
  • Monitor for flight refunds
  • Remind you when to check in
  • Tell you when to leave for the airport
  • Send real-time flight alerts
  • Provide interactive airport and terminal maps
  • Send terminal and gate reminders
  • Tell you baggage claim info

For £38.99. They say it will even tell you how long the queue to get through security at the airport, although we’ve not tested that claim yet.


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