Baracoa is located in the Guantanamo Province in the far East of Cuba in the bay of honey. It is closer to Haiti and the Dominican Republic than Havana and you will see a lot of Haitian/French influences. It has a rich history and was the original capital city before being transferred to Santiago, then Havana. Baracoa was home to the largest development of Cuban Indians and today is one of the only places in Cuba to show this heritage. Ask any child in Cuba what Baracoa is famous for and chocolate will be shouted with delight. It is famed for its Cocoa plantations. Baracoa is simply one of the most beautiful parts of Cuba. It was extremely hard to visit Baracoa until the La Farola national highway was built and because of this, it has somewhat kept its secrecy. It's a nature lovers paradise, neighbouring Alejandro Humboldt National Park, Baracoa offers beautiful beaches and a taste of hidden Cuba.

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